BIG ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS IN THE SOCORRO ISLANDS – 25th January – 3rd February, 2014

Join Richard aboard the luxury live-aboard Solmar V, for some of the world’s best marine megafauna encounters.  Over the 8 night cruise, we will meet the incredible inhabitants of the ‘Mexican Galapagos’.  These remote islands attract plentiful sharks, mantas, whales and other pelagics, promising a week of memorable diving.

The Socorro Islands, known locally as Las Islas Revillagigedo, are a cluster of four islands located 250 miles south of Cabo San Lucas, at the tip of Baja California.  Lying along the same deep water ridges as the Galapagos and Cocos Islands, they share many of the same amazing big animal species.  This is one of the best places in the world to frolic with the giant oceanic manta (Manta birostris) that can attain a wingspan of 7 metres!  Many sharks are common in these waters too: hammerhead, silky, galapagos, silvertip and even whale sharks can be found here.  Divers have seen up to seven different species on one dive!

Between January and March, divers have also frequently encountered pods of wild bottlenose dolphins. If this doesn’t fulfil your cetacean requirements, these islands are also home to a large population of humpback whales that come to breed and calve. In the last few years the frequency of underwater encounters with them has increased dramatically.

With a rich fauna of endemic fishes, found nowhere else in the world, and abundant pelagics and marine megafauna this is some of the best diving on earth!

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