East Timor, Alor & More… Nov/Dec 2022

East Timor, Alor & More… Nov/Dec 2022

Indonesia: East Timor, Alor & More… November/December 2022

Explore the diversity of Indonesia from exotic East Timor, to Alor and Beyond

Aboard the luxurious Damai I, we’ll enjoy the range of Indonesia’s dives

Join Richard and Wendy’s ‘Our Beloved Seas‘ expeditions in the heart of the Coral Triangle



Labuan Bajo

Trip 1: Kupang (East Timor) to Kalabahi (Alor) 
23rd November – 3rd December 2022

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Trip 2: Kalabahi (Alor) to Labuan Bajo (Komodo) 
4-14th December 2022

1 x Female Share & 1 x Male Share

Indonesia has a huge diversity of marine environments, and hence dive sites.  During these two trips aboard the stunning Damai we will sail from Kupang in East Timor, Indonesia up the Pantar Strait, visiting some of our favourite dive sites at Beangabang, Pura Island and muck diving in the Kalabahi Strait. This area is full of many rare and endemic fishes, many of which have very rarely been recorded alive by scientists.  We will enjoy a diversity of dives, from oceanic reefs, to muck dives and fringing reefs.  Each area has its own community of animals and we will be searching for fishes endemic to each area we visit. Above waters, the scenery is out of this world. Volcanoes punctuate the horizon, making this a once in a life time trip to the edge of the world.


Trip start: 23rd November 2022

Trip end: 3rd December 2022

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Availability: Full – contact us for Waitlist

Depart from: Kupang

Return to: Kalabahi


Trip start: 4th December 2022

Trip end: 14th December 2022

Prices start from: Please contact us.

Availability: 1 x Female Share & 1 x Male Share

Depart from: Kalabahi

Return to: Labuan Bajo

Trip I:

We will visit some rarely dived areas around Kupang, in Indonesia’s East Timor. This time of year offers a chance to visit some remote and hard-to-access sites, as well as positioning us to also visit some of our favourite sites in all of Indonesia.


Trip II:

Again, this time of year is perfect to access other sites that are usually prohibited by exposure to large seas. We have had many of these on our radars for several years and given some of the other discoveries we’ve made in this region, the opportunities are huge! N.B We don’t plan to dive in the Komodo area on this trip, instead taking the time to make the most of the islands east of Komodo which we are very excited to explore.

MY DAMAI I was built in Tanjung Bira, South Sulawesi, by Pak Hadji Baso, the most prestigious builder in the area in 2009. The collaboration of traditional skills with years of experience in the Indonesian liveaboard diving industry has created a remarkable vessel.

MY DAMAI I have been designed to offer a personal service dedicated to small groups. With an overall length of 40 meters (130 feet) and a beam of over 8 meters (26 feet) the vessel has 7 staterooms with a choice of single cabins, twins, doubles or two spacious master cabins. With sizes ranging from 18 sq meters / 194 sq feet for the single cabin to 40 sq meters / 430 sq feet for the master cabin, all are furnished with either queen- or king-sized beds, en-suite toilets, and showers.

The vessel has been designed with three large deck areas for relaxing in sun or shade and enjoying rejuvenating massage and spa treatments. Specifically designed for divers, the vessel offers large dive stations with individual rinse tanks, a camera room with separate workstations, and an integrated 110v and 220v charging station for each photographer.

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The talks enhance the diving experience and encourage new interest outside the obviously spectacular! Friendly, approachable organisation


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AMAZING! Richard is able to make scientific talks hugely entertaining . I learnt so much, and every dive after the talks I found myself on the hunt for the new critters I had just learnt all about. Brilliant!