Lord Howe Island February 2019

Lord Howe Island February 2019

Lord Howe Island February 2019

A Hunt for the Elusive Endemics of Lord Howe Island

February 17-24th 2019

Join this very special trip with Richard and renowned photographers Darren Jew and Jasmine Carey in search of the unique and rare fishes of this Australian World Heritage paradise

Lord Howe Island

We will visit the remote wonderland of Lord Howe Island to hunt for the elusive endemics and pristine seas
17-24th February 2019
Calling intrepid marine enthusiasts, macro and wide-angle photographers alike – this very special one-off trip is for you!  

Have you ever wanted to enjoy exploration diving, specialist fins-on biology and photography guidance exploring unique endemic marine creatures, as well as the adrenalin buzz of exciting shark action?  You can – as very limited bookings are now open for this one-off Lord Howe Island exploration adventure!  

Following their Underwater Tour 2018 road-trip together in May this year, syngnathid specialist, marine biologist and photographer Dr Richard Smith, Canon Master and photographer Darren Jew and ocean photographer Jasmine Carey have teamed up to lead an ‘Endemic Adventure’ like no other.

Lord Howe Island is a UNESCO treasure, a home to extraordinary fauna and flora 600kms off the Australian coast of New South Wales with 500 fish species, 90 coral species and only 400 permanent (human) residents.

In the shadow of stunning basalt peaks, Mt Gower and Mt Lidgbird, diving around this extinct volcano crater dating back 7 million years, you’ll be searching for the extremely elusive Coleman’s Pygmy Seahorse (Hippocampus colemani), and will be on the look-out for endemic species in the warm waters of the lagoon and around the Admiralty Islands.  Prepare to spot the stars of the show which live on the world’s southern-most true coral reef; McCulloch’s anemone fish, Lord Howe Island butterflyfish, double header wrasse, half-banded angelfish, three stripe butterflyfish and Ballina angelfish.   Let’s not forget LHI’s population of curious, very photogenic Galapagos whaler sharks, and the chance to be the first to dive new sites within the outer volcano crater rim…  to see what’s there!  Balls Pyramid jutting 550m towards the sky is most certainly the most dramatic above and underwater landscape you’ll ever encounter.  And you’ll be sure to see some of the 200 bird species while on dry land or during your surface intervals.

With specialist marine biology lectures (and spotting) from Richard; image processing sessions and fins-on photography advice with Darren and Jasmine, the 17-24 Feb ‘Search for Endemics Island Expedition’ package starts at AU$4850 pp and includes 10 dives with Pro-Dive LHI, snorkelling sessions and accommodation for 7 nights.

AMAZING! Richard is able to make scientific talks hugely entertaining . I learnt so much, and every dive after the talks I found myself on the hunt for the new critters I had just learnt all about. Brilliant!



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The talks enhance the diving experience and encourage new interest outside the obviously spectacular! Friendly, approachable organisation


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