I’m excited to have the cover image and a feature article in the spring issue of Marine Conservation Society’s magazine.  MCS is a UK based charity that does great work throughout the British Isles, protecting our amazing marine life. 

The cover shot is an image of Denise’s pygmy seahorse on a whip coral taken at Wakatobi Dive Resort in Indonesia.  My article ‘Protecting the Pygmy’ is about pygmy seahorses and the threats they face, from habitat loss and destruction to accidental damage by overzealous divers.  There is information about the Code of Conduct for observing and photographing pygmies that I created based on my PhD research.  For more about the code, check out my information page.

Visit the MCS website to join up and show them some support!

Attachment: MarineConservationSociety_PygmySeahorses.pdf