The new issue of Sport Diving Magazine (149) is now, or imminently will be, available throughout Australasia and contains my article ‘Heading South: Drive and Dive – Brisbane to Tasmania (Part 1)’.  It has the first of my two-part features on the road trip my friend Laura and I did from Brisbane to Tasmania earlier in the year.  Part 1 is all about our adventures between Brisbane and Sydney where we took in such sites as Moreton Bay, Fish Rock, Nelson Bay and a couple of spots in Sydney.

On reflection it was one of the best dive trips I’ve done due to the diversity of animals, topographies and types of dives we experienced.  Hope you enjoy reading about our trip and that it inspires some new road trippers!

Check out some of my blogs and galleries from the trip for more information:

Aussie Dive/Road Trip Part One

Attachment: Sport Diving – Aussie Road Trip pt1.pdf