EDGE (Evolutionarily Distinct & Globally Endangered) is a conservation initiative, which focuses on species that aren’t necessarily the most glamorous but are highly evolutionarily distinct compared to other living species. 

I have been supporting EDGE for several years as I consider these small and seemingly insignificant animals vitally important for conserving biological diversity of the planet.  They represent a great deal of evolutionary change that has either been lost through extinction in other species or has progressed in the EDGE species as it evolved in isolation.  Either way if these species are lost their nearest relative is so far removed it isn’t just loosing another species (although I don’t think we should be so flippant in the first place!) but instead we are loosing an extremely unique and distinct lineage of animals, the likes of which are unknown anywhere else in natural world.

When I heard EDGE were expanding from mammals, birds and amphibians to coral reefs I contacted them offering images for their campaign.  The goal of my photography is to bring this amazing and fragile ecosystem to people who may not have been lucky enough to see it for themselves.  People are not inclined to conserve something they can’t empathise with or appreciate.  EDGE’s work on coral reefs is important as they are suffering many anthropogenic threats including destructive fishing techniques, urbanisation and not least climate change.

Please check out the EDGE website and support them with donations to fund vital research to conserve these amazing animals and ecosystems.