I have recently donated to an innovative campaign by Shark Savers and Wild Aid who have been asking for US$100 which will buy two billboards in China that aim to educate people on the plight of global shark populations. Shark finning is decimating the world’s shark populations and is primarily fueled by demand from China and other Asian countries. Hitting demand at its source I consider to be the way forward!

Shark Savers recently reached their target of 1,000 billboards to be displayed for a year. This is brilliant but they can always benefit from further donations to continue this project. They plan to expand into a third city in China to reach an even greater audience.

This would be a brilliant Christmas gift, they’ll send a certificate as evidence! Often we buy gifts that are never to be seen/used again after a few weeks. This gift will literally keep on giving. Maybe there will be sharks left in fifty years. With current trends this might be unlikely but fingers crossed Shark Savers can make a difference.