Past Group Trips

Previous Ocean Realm Images & Our Beloved Seas Trips

Past Group Trips

Previous Ocean Realm Images & Our Beloved Seas Trips

Past Group Trips

Previous Ocean Realm Images & Our Beloved Seas Trips

Previous Ocean Realm Images and Our Beloved Seas Expeditions around the globe…

Triton Bay

Trip I (Dewi Nusantara) - Sorong to Kaimana: 18-27th March 2017
Trip II (Dewi Nusantara) - Kaimana to Ambon: 31st March - 11th April 2017

Alor & Wetar

Trip I (Dewi Nusantara) - Alor and Wetar: 13-24th August 2014
Trip II (Dewi Nusantara) - Alor to Wakatobi: 25th August - 5th September

Sangeang Volcano & Komodo

Muck Magic I (Damai II) - Labuan Bajo to Bima: 22-31st August 2017
Muck Magic II (Damai II) - Bima to Labuan Bajo: 1-10th September 2017


South Komodo

South Komodo (Damai I) - Labuan Bajo return: 6-16th December 2016


Dumaguete Resort Stay II

Dumaguete (Atlantis Resort): 12-21st September 2015


Dumaguete Resort Stay I

Dumaguete (Atlantis Resort): 4-10th April 2014


Fiji Resort Stay

Fiji Resort Stay (Matava Resort): 5-15th October 2013


All of Raja

All of Raja Ampat (Indo Siren group trip for Dive Worldwide): 2-12th March 2017


Northern Raja Ampat

Northern Raja Ampat (Dewi Nusantara): 16-27th March 2015


Northern Raja Ampat

Cenderawasih Bay & Ma[ia Island (Dewi Nusantara): 23rd July - 1st August 2018 & 3-13th August 2018


Special Pygmy Seahorse Cruise

All of Raja Ampat, Special Pygmy Seahorse Cruise (Arenui): 5-16th Feb 2016


Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Marine Life Cruise (Bilikiki): 12-22nd December 2015


Socorro Island

Socorro Island (Solmar V): 26th January - 3rd February 2014


Cebu Circumnavigation

Cebu Circumnavigation (Azores): 19-29th September 2015


Tubbataha Reef

Tubbataha Reef (Azores): 29th March - 4th April 2014


Galapagos Islands


Galapagos Islands (Galapagos Sky): 25th Feb - 4th March & 4-11th March 2018



Older Trips…

Raja Ampat Aboard Dewi Nusantara (Trip One)

Almost a year to the day I am back aboard the beautiful Dewi Nusantara (formerly Paradise Dancer) sailing the bountiful waters of Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia.  This is the first of my three trips aboard Dewi, where I’ll be conducting a series of marine biology evening lectures and hunting for elusive pygmy seahorses to further my research on these amazing miniature fish.