French Polynesia November 2020

French Polynesia November 2020

French Polynesia November 2020

Visit the last tropical bastion of the shark in French Polynesia

Join us aboard the French Polynesia Master with megafauna galore

Join one of these two ‘Our Beloved Seas’ expeditions in the idyllic South Pacific

Tuamotu & Fakarava

Dive the world famous passes of Rangiroa

TRIP ONE – Tuamotu Archipelago
10-20th November 2020
Spaces Available
TRIP TWO – Fakarava UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
20-27th November 2020
Spaces Available
We have two trips exploring the ocean wilderness of the South Pacific in November 2020.  We will dive the high energy passes of Fakarava and Rangiroa in French Polynesia.  These dives have some of the highest densities of sharks on the planet, with several species present.  We will dive around the plethora of small islands with stunning white beaches, surrounded by crystal clear warm water. Situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, this island archipelago is home to some of the most wondrous dive sites, where hundreds of sharks gather in schools to be joined by manta rays and bottle-nosed dolphins.  A typical diving day will see you cruising through channels and exploring the outer reefs of the atolls, yet there are numerous of shallow dive sites within the Tuamotu Archipelago, each with stunning hard corals, sheltering all manner of crustaceans and molluscs in addition to endemic fishes.

TRIP ONE – 10 Nights Tuamotu Archipelago
Trip start: 10th November 2020
Trip end: 20th November 2020
Prices start from: US$ 6575
Availability: Spaces Available
Depart from: Rangiroa
Return to: Fakarava

TRIP TWO – 7 Nights – Fakarava UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
Trip start: 20th November 2020
Trip end:
27th November 2020
Prices start from:
US$ 4825
Spaces Available
Depart from:
Return to:

Itineraries take you through the Tuamotu Island chain, from Rangiroa to Fakarava.  We have two trips offering a firstly a 10 night safari from Rangiroa to Fakarava and a second  Fakarava-Fakarava 7-night loop maximising the time spent in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Dive sites are typically channel or “Pass” dives and the route planning for each trip is highly dependent upon the incoming and out-going tides for each island. We dive the optimum tide for each site to bring you the ultimate in pelagic fish action. Strong currents and sometimes diminished visibility are to be expected and diving can be challenging here, even for the experienced diver. We highly recommend our guests are Nitrox-certified and have training beyond beginner level and a minimum experience of 50 dives, preferably in similar conditions to ensure maximum enjoyment. Dive sites also include outer reefs, plateaus and coral gardens found with the lagoon, where currents are less intense and many smaller creatures can be found.

Water temperatures during November are likely to be around 25-26˚C.

Built in 2016, the French Polynesia Master is now a fully fledged member of the Master Liveaboards fleet. Guests may choose between lower deck and upper deck cabins, each with en-suite bathrooms and individual air conditioning units. Communal relaxation areas are split between the middle and upper decks comprising a spacious indoor lounge area, camera set up station and guest storage drawers, with comfortable bench seating and plasma screen. There is an extra shaded outdoor lounging area to the rear of the upper deck with more comfortable seating. Finally, there is a sun deck on the upper level with two jacuzzi’s where you can literally soak up the stunning views of the French Polynesian islands.

– All meals & accommodations during the cruise
– Tea, fresh coffee from our espresso machine, fruit juice & soft drinks
– Air Dives, inclusive of night dives 
– Transfer between airport and French Polynesia Master on the days of embarkation and disembarkation

– International and Domestic Flights, additional transfers and hotels
– Port, park and tax fees: 70 USD
– Nitrox : 7 nights 100 USD 
– Alcoholic drinks
– 15 litre aluminium tank : 6 USD per day
– Dive trip insurance
– Dive accident insurance (required)

– Crew tips. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept crew tips via credit card so they are cash only. All major currencies are accepted and appreciated. 

Prices start from $4825 per person

AMAZING! Richard is able to make scientific talks hugely entertaining . I learnt so much, and every dive after the talks I found myself on the hunt for the new critters I had just learnt all about. Brilliant!



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The talks enhance the diving experience and encourage new interest outside the obviously spectacular! Friendly, approachable organisation


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