Severn's pygmy seahorse (Hippocampus severnsi) now classified as Pontohi

THE PONTOH'S / SEVERN'S CONTROVERSY | Since the start of the 21st Century, six of the seven species of pygmy seahorse have been scientifically described. In 2008 Pontoh's and Severn's pygmies were given the names, Hippocampus pontohi and Hippocampus severnsi respectively.  However, it appears that scientists may have jumped the gun.  Genetic evidence has since shown that these two actually represent two colour forms of one species.  The name 'Severn's' is being dropped and Pontoh's will be retained into the future.

The brown morph of Pontoh's pygmy seahorse, formerly known as Severn's pygmy seahorse, can be found living on any substrate on the reef, although it is often found living on hydroids and algal turf in pairs or small groups.  I found a group of five Severn's pygmy seahorses on a sandy bank in a current prone channel in Fiji, so you just never know when you'll come across this species!  A good place to look is in areas that are slightly undercut and sheltered from direct sunlight.

Follow this link to more facts about the diet, habitat and diversity of pygmy seahorses.

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