Black and white crinoid commensal shrimp (Laomenes sp.)

During January of 2011 I spent several days at Scuba Seraya Resort in the west of Bali, near the famous Tulumben USAT Liberty wreck.  This is not a great time of year weather wise and the strong winds prevented us from diving the house reef of the resort for the first couple of days.  We headed off to Padang Bai one day and the wreck another morning but luckily the weather calmed down slightly allowing us to dive the house reef, which was what I was most excited about.

Although I only managed four shore dives on the house reef I saw an amazing number of nudibranchs and shrimps.  For some reason the crinoid commensal shrimp were particularly approachable.  Many were crawling accross the outside of their crinoid hosts making them very easy to photograph (I do not aggree with some of the destructive techniques which are sometimes used to get these images).  We also saw Tiger, Harlequin, Bumblebee and Coleman's shrimp, which is pretty amazing in just four dives!

The resort itself is a calm oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the south.  The food was great and staff friendly.  I would definitely recommend Scuba Seraya for a stopover whilist transiting through Bali or even a dedicated photography trip.

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