Black blotched stingray (Taeniura meyeni) on Yongala wreck

In September 2011 a few of us dived the wreck of the Yongala.  This is often touted as one of the best dives in Australia but I had never managed to make it up to north Queensland to dive it.  Finally, on a road trip which eneded up taking us all the way north from Brisbane to Cairns we stopped in Ayr for a few dives.  We used Yongala Dive, which was one of the best dive operators I've used in Australia.  They were really friendly with a great boat and awesome service.  They thought of everything and made our two days out on the boat with them very enjoyable.  Following numerous recommendations we also chose Yongala Dive due to the close proximity of Alva Beach to the Yongala (30 minutes compared to a couple of hours from Townsville).  The town is quite remote but the drive is interesting due to the density of wildlife in the area.  I saw my first wild blue-winged kookaburra, frogmouth and Brolga cranes on the drive from Ayr!


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