Polycera capensis nudibranch

I had heard of Nelson Bay, but it wasn't until I really started researching for our Brisbane to Adelaide dive/raod trip that I became really excited about diving there.  A site called the pipeline seemed best for macro photography and seemed like a great sub-tropical muck dive!  I most wanted to see blue-lined octopus (Hapalochaena fasciata) and White's seahorse (Hippocampus whitei) in this area.  The blue-line was particularly interesting to me, being restricted to only a short stretch of Australia's east coast.

We hired tanks and weights from ProDive Nelson Bay, also known as Let's Go Adventures, who were really helpful and friendly.  They pointed us in the right drection and off we went.  Both our dives were over an hour and a half, being only 10 m maximum depth.  We saw all the above creatures and heaps more.  The nudibranch diversity was astounding and I was really excited to see two blind sharks (Brachaelurus waddi).  I definitely hope to dive this site again soon!

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