Busy Blogging…..everywhere but here!

I've been extremely hectic lately and haven't managed to keep up with my Ocean Realm Images blog too well.  On the plus side, I have been blogging for lots of other people, mostly about my amazing trip aboard Wakatobi Dive Resort's live-aboard Pelagian which I made in September.  I was aboard Pelagian for the first time, despite having spent six months at the resort conducting my PhD fieldwork on the biology and conservation of pygmy seahorses.

Sport Diving Magazine issue 154 Article – Sulawesi Odyssey

I just received the new issue of Sport Diving Magazine in the post, which includes my article about diving the fantastic island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, entitled 'Sulawesi Odyssey'.  Sulawesi has it all, the north is undoubtedly the best muck diving in the world, the central Togian Islands have an endemic pygmy seahorse and finally, in the south you can find the fabled Wakatobi Dive Resort.

ANZANG Underwater Finalist

I was really pleased to have my image 'Lost in Space', of a tail-spot blenny (Ecsenius stigmatura) on a soft coral, placed as a finalist in the ANZANG Nature Photography competition this year.  I took the shot whilst aboard Dewi Nusantara in Raja Ampat last year.  These fish are only found in this region, as well as the Maluku Islands.  My image will be in the

Atlantis Resorts, Philippines Trip Blog and Images

A Filipino Degustation with Atlantis Dive Resorts

The Philippines has been high on my list of places to visit for a long time, but until now it had somehow eluded me.  I have spent plenty of time diving its southern neighbour, Indonesia, but for some reason I had always had difficulty getting my head around the geography of the Philippines.  When the opportunity arose to visit the Atlantis Resorts it was the perfect solution to my problem!

Sport Diving Magazine issue 153 – Cover Image

For the fourth time this year I'm very excited to have the cover shot for Sport Diving Magazine.  It's always very exciting to have a shot on the front cover of a magazine.  Sadly, however, I'm in the UK at the moment so I can't linger in newsagents waiting for someone to pick up a copy!

Reef Creature Behaviour: How do Flamboyant Cuttlefish mate?

Continuing my Reef Creature Behaviour series, which started with 'Something got your Tongue?', this week I will be answering the question: how do flamboyant cuttlefish (Metasepia pfefferi) mate.  I was lucky enough to observe this two years ago at Maluku Divers in Ambon, Indonesia.

Reef Creature Behaviour: Something got your tongue?

Observing natural behaviours whilst underwater is one of the main reasons that I love diving so much.  Whilst staying at Kasawari Resort in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia for a week in January I came across something very special and unique. 

NHPA - Image Library Representation

This news is slightly overdue, but I'm really pleased to officially announce that my images are now represented by NHPA.  NHPA is one of the world's premier wildlife and natural history image libraries and will be stocking a wide variety of my underwater shots.  You can see my first submission to them by

Ghost pipefish facts and images

Ghost pipefishes are masters of disguise.  In fact they may have some of the best disguises in the sea, which range from uncanny mimicry of leaves, crinoids, algae to sponges and seagrass.  It is quite a challenge to find some of these little gems but well worth the hours scrutinising every little thing that moves on the reef.  The range of colours and body shapes can make even the seasoned critter hunter surprised by this amazing group.

Are ghost pipefishes really pipefishes?

UltraMarine Magazine – Cover Image and Feature Article

I have written a few articles for UltraMarine Magazine over the past year or so and am pleased to have my first cover image with them this issue (Issue 33: April/May 2012).  The cover shot is a pink anemonefish that I took at Wakatobi Dive Resort in Indonesia a few years ago.  I've always had a soft spot for the image which I took with a very short depth of field, giving it an ethereal feel with soft pastel colours of the pale blue sky, purple mantle of the anemone and pinks of the fish. 

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