FiNS Issue 7.1 - Scorpionfish & Stonefish

I have a column in FiNS diving magazine starting this issue (Jan/Feb 7.1).  It is called 'Really Richard?' and helps you to identify commonly mistaken reef species.  This month explains how to distinguish stone and scorpionfishes.  

Nudibranch Article in new issue of Asian Diver!

I have an article about nudibranchs in the current issue of Asian Diver Magazine, which is on news stands throughout Asian now, and will be hitting Australia in the next couple of weeks. Nudibranchs are an amazing group of marine molluscs, ok that's a fancy way of saying slugs. They have much more to offer than the ordinary garden variety. Nudibranch hunting can make the most average of dives an interesting challenge!

Sport Diving Issue 138 - Pygmy Species Explosion

Pygmy Species Explosion The new issue of Sport Diving has just been published and contains my article Pygmy Species Explosion.

It explains some of the work that is part of my PhD, focusing on the ecology of pygmy seahorses, as well as quick run down of the species that have recently been described such as Hippocampus pontohi, Hippocampus waleananus, Hippocampus severnsi and Hippocampus satomiae.

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