Asian Diver 3/2011 - Red Sea Article

My article 'The Desert's Wet Playground' about diving in the Red Sea has been published in the new issue (114) of Asian Diver.  The Arab Spring revolutions of the last few months have severely affected tourism to the area but the large tourist hubs of the Red Sea have been largely unaffected.  The Red Sea has spectacular diving opportunities for all experience levels and is well worth a visit! 

Sport Diving issue 146 - Muck Diving: Back to Basics

Last Christmas I went back to Lembeh Strait in north Sulawesi, an area world renowned for its muck diving.  My friend Laura came too,  she hadn't done any muck diving before but had heard me talking about it.  On the flight over I was explaining to her the techniques, the creatures to look for and what muck diving actually is.  From this the article 'Muck Diving: Back to Basics' was born.  It is in the new issue of Sport Diving magazine and is available throughout Asia and Australia now.  The article basically acts as a guide to muck

Turtle Tails: The Biology of Sea Turtles (Asian Diver Article 02/2011)

The following article 'Turtle Tails - The Biology of Sea Turtles' was originally published in issue 2/2011 of Asian Diver magazine:


Turtle Tails - The Biology of Sea Turtles By Richard Smith (© Richard Smith 2011)

Zoological Society of London - Annual Review Cover Image

The Zoological Society of London is a UK based charity devoted to the conservation of animals around the world.  The produce an annual Conservation Review highlighting their major acheivements.  I was honoured to have the image on the front cover of the 2009/2010 edition.  They are one of the World's most important conservation organisations and I am pleased to be able to support them with my images.

EDGE Coral Reefs

EDGE (Evolutionarily Distinct & Globally Endangered) is a conservation initiative, which focuses on species that aren't necessarily the most glamorous but are highly evolutionarily distinct compared to other living species. 

Asian Diver 1/2011 - Photographing Underwater Behaviour

I have an article about how to photography the behaviour of underwater creatures in the new issue of Asian Diver magazine (1/2011) that will be available throughout Asia and Australia soon.

Asian Diver 2010 - Issue 5 - Venomous Reef Creatures

My article and images can be seen in the new issue of Asian Diver which is currently available throughout Asia and Australia.  This 'Species Crash Course' concerns Venomous Reef Creatures and how they can harm you, how injuries can be treated and avoided.  It's important to note that very few injuries do actually occur as a result of these animals and we damage their populations much more than the other way round!  Check out the information on Blue-ringed octopus, seasnakes, stonefishes and stingrays through Asian Diver online.

Asian Diver 2010 issue 4 - Species Crash Course - Anemonefish

The brand new issue of Asian Diver has just been released in Australasia and contains my article 'Species Crash Course: Anemonefish'.  I help with ID of 5 species and explain the amazing gender bending in the group.  Enjoy!

Sport Diving issue 135 - Critter ID

Neville Coleman was again kind enough to attempt IDs for some unusual creatures I have found during dives in Indonesia.  This was published in issue 135 of Sport Diving.

Sport Diving issue 139 - Wakatobi Setting the Standard

The new issue of Sport Diving magazine (Issue 139) has been released throughout Asia and Australia. I have an article entitled 'Wakatobi Setting the Standard' about some of the work I did there studying the area's pygmy seahorses as well as talking about the amazing diving and resort there.

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