Alert Diver Magazine Winter 2012 - Parting Shot

I am extremely pleased to announce that my image of mating Denise’s pygmy seahorses (Hippocampus denise) taken at Wakatobi Dive Resort is the ‘Parting Shot’ in the new issue (Winter 2012) of Alert Diver magazine (see attachment below).

Sport Diving Magazine Issue 150 - Cover Shot

I'm really pleased to have my third cover shot in a row for the magazine 'Sport Diving' in issue 150, which is available throughout Australia and Asia.  With this issue, my shots will have graced the cover of Sport Diving for the past six months!  The shot of a nudibranch, Phidiana indica, crawling over a tunicate, Polycarpa sp., was taken aboard Dewi Nusantara last year in the Raja Ampat region of Indonesia. 


The new issue of Sport Diving magazine is available now throughout Asia and Australia.  It is the 150th issue of the publication and I am honoured to have the second part of my Aussie road trip article 'Heading South: Drive and Dive - Sydney to Tasmania' as well as my third cover shot for Sport Diving in a row.

Scientific Publication on Pygmy Seahorse Habitat Specialisation and Population Structure

My scientific publication on the habitat specialisation and population structure of gorgonian-associated pygmy seahorses has just been published in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series (Link to the MEPS page):


Smith RE, Grutter AS & Tibbetts IR (2012).  Extreme habitat specialisation and population structure of two gorgonian-associated pygmy seahorses.  Marine Ecology Progress Series 444: 195-206


Code of Conduct for Diving with and Photographing Pygmy Seahorses – Chinese Version

With the help of a very kind Taiwanese gentleman, Paladin Liu, I am now pleased to offer a Chinese version of the Code of Conduct for diving with and photographing pygmy seahorses.

Paladin has been seeing pygmy seahorses on some of his dives in Taiwan and wished to help protect them by sharing the Code of Conduct with his dive buddies.  I'm really pleased for his input and helping for this information to reach such a wide audience.

Sport Diving Magazine Issue 149 – Cover Shot

I just found out that I have the cover image of Sport Diving again this issue (issue 149 - December 2011/January 2012).  The shot is of a soft coral porcelain crab (Lissoporcellana nakasonei) on a sea pen, taken in southern Komodo, Indonesia.

My PhD Thesis Abstract: 'The Biology and Conservation of Gorgonian-Associated Pygmy Seahorses'

I was awarded my PhD in April 2011 on the biology and conservation of gorgonian-associated pygmy seahorses.  I thought it was about time that I posted the abstract of my thesis for anyone who's interested to have a little taster of some of my findings.  The individual chapters comprising my thesis are in the process of being published in the scientific journals so there will be more information about each of these as they are released.



Sport Diving Magazine issue 149 – Aussie Road Trip: Part 1

The new issue of Sport Diving Magazine (149) is now, or imminently will be, available throughout Australasia and contains my article 'Heading South: Drive and Dive - Brisbane to Tasmania (Part 1)'.  It has the first of my two-part features on the road trip my friend Laura and I did from Brisbane to Tasmania earlier in the year.  Part 1 is all about our adventures between Brisbane and Sydney where we took in such sites as Moreton Bay, Fish Rock, Nelson Bay and a couple of spots in Sydney.

Sport Diving issue 148 – Cover Shot & Solomon Islands Article

The new issue of Sport Diving magazine (Issue 148: October/November 2011) is now available throughout Australasia!  I am really pleased to have my third cover shot with the publication and an article about diving in the Solomon Islands entitled 'The Land that Time Forgot'.

Sport Diving issue 148 cover

Night Diving: Dos and Don'ts

The following article 'Night Diving: Dos and Don'ts' originally featured in issue of Asian Diver (volume 115, 4/2011) which includes some tips for happy night diving. In the same issue I has an image in the 'Art of Diving' section of a basket star shrimp (Periclimenes lanipes) running around its echinoderm host, taken at Wakatobi Dive Resort in Indonesia.


NIGHT DIVING - DOS AND DON'TS - By Richard Smith (2012)

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