Lembeh Strait Trip Report and New Album

Indonesia is hands down my favourite dive destination.  It is impossible to be bored of the diving there; the number of species, types of diving and coral diversity are unrivalled.  The country makes up a large part of the Coral Triangle (an area also including Malaysia, Philippines and New Guinea), which is renowned for having the highest species diversity of corals and their associated organisms in the world.  This alone is enough to keep you endlessly entertained.

Our World In Frame Gallery Exhibition

I have several images that will be displayed and for sale in the Chepstow pop-up gallery in Notting Hill, London over the coming weeks.  This is a great initiative and a percentage of the proceeds will go to support the charity African Passions.  If you're in London try and check it out.  Our World in Frame runs from 3-23rd December 2010.

Sport Diving issue 134 - Cover Image

In issue of Sport Diving Magazine (issue 134) the Cover shot is mine!  This should be available throughout Australia and Asia in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

The shot of a pair of Many-host gobies was taken at Wakatobi Dive Resort on a whip coral.  The female was in fact laying eggs and the male moving over them to ensure they were attached to the coral whilst also fertlising them.  Pretty amazing to see!  It's certainly a special place to dive!

ARKive Collaboration

I have recently been working with ARKive, which is a unique and in my opinion hugely valuable venture that is attempting to catalogue images, sound and video recordings of the world's threatened animals.  Given that species are disappearing faster than ever before on our planet these sadly might be the only way our next generation will view the lost natural world.  Hopefully by creating a catalogue of our disappearing species the reality of this extinction may hit-home to decision makers before it is too late.

Pygmy Seahorse Publication in 'Coral Reefs'

My publication 'Mating and birth of Denise's Pygmy seahorses (Hippocampus denise) observed in the wild' has been published in the hard copy of Coral Reefs Journal.  The reference for this is:

Smith R.E. & Tibbetts I.R.  (2008).  Mating and birth of Denise's pygmy seahorses (Hippocampus denise) observed in the wild.  Coral Reefs 27 (3), 617.

FiNS issue 7.3 - A Photographer's Responsibility

My new article 'A Photographer's Responsibility' is published in the new issue of FiNS.  This is quite a controversial subject but, I think, very important.  Often photographers have a very bad reputation for damaging the reef and traumatising its inhabitants.  I find these habits quite distressing and completely unnecessary so was compelled to write this article.  I hope you enjoy it and it gives you something to think about.

FiNS issue 7.2 - Cover Shot

FiNS issue 7.2 was a busy one for me, with a 'Really
Richard?' about how to distinguish between mandarinfish (Synchiropus
) and picturesque dragonets (Synchiropus picturatus),
an article on diving in Lembeh Strait and the Top 10 critters to see
there, as well as the front cover shot of a yawning Rhinopias!

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