Galapagos Islands - Trip Report and Images

I sit writing this blog from Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos surrounded by frolicking sealions, sunbaking marine iguanas, bathing pelicans and feeding sally lightfoot crabs.  This really is a land of plenty, largely fed by the nutritious waters suddenly brought to the surface around the archipelago and immediately exploited by planktonic life.  Obviously the islands are most well known for providing Darwin with the raw materials that culminated in his theory of evolution and the origin of species by natural selection.  Visiting them today is like stepping into a world whe

Raja Ampat Aboard Dewi Nusantara (Trip Three)

My final trip aboard the Dewi Nusantara liveaboard started in full force.

Raja Ampat Aboard Dewi Nusantara (Trip Two)

I was ever so excited to welcome the guests for my second trip around the Raja Ampat region of Papua, Indonesia aboard the beautiful Dewi Nusantara as it meant we'd be back in the water very soon!  The first day of diving is such a solid start to the itinerary and really sets the scene for what's to come that even veteran divers are astounded by the riches of the area. 


The new issue of Sport Diving magazine is available now throughout Asia and Australia.  It is the 150th issue of the publication and I am honoured to have the second part of my Aussie road trip article 'Heading South: Drive and Dive - Sydney to Tasmania' as well as my third cover shot for Sport Diving in a row.

Raja Ampat Aboard Dewi Nusantara (Trip One)

Almost a year to the day I am back aboard the beautiful Dewi Nusantara (formerly Paradise Dancer) sailing the bountiful waters of Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia.  This is the first of my three trips aboard Dewi, where I'll be conducting a series of marine biology evening lectures and hunting for elusive pygmy seahorses to further my research on these amazing miniature fish.

Recent Lembeh Trip

2012 is shaping up to be a great year already!  Sandwiched between Christmas and New Year spent in Ambon and January and February in Raja Ampat, I spent 10 days in Lembeh with my friend Laura.

Sport Diving Magazine issue 149 – Aussie Road Trip: Part 1

The new issue of Sport Diving Magazine (149) is now, or imminently will be, available throughout Australasia and contains my article 'Heading South: Drive and Dive - Brisbane to Tasmania (Part 1)'.  It has the first of my two-part features on the road trip my friend Laura and I did from Brisbane to Tasmania earlier in the year.  Part 1 is all about our adventures between Brisbane and Sydney where we took in such sites as Moreton Bay, Fish Rock, Nelson Bay and a couple of spots in Sydney.

Paradise Dancer (Raja Ampat) Residency: January/February 2012

I have recently confirmed a three trip residency aboard the Peter Hughes, Paradise Dancer liveaboard in January/February 2012.  I will be on this stunning American style schooner sailing and diving around the pristine Raja Ampat region of Indonesia for three trips:

11-22 January - FULL

23 January-3 February - SPACES AVAILABLE with a special on this trip only: $500 discount per person and 50% off Nitrox!  Hurry, spaces won't last long!

4-15 February - SPACES AVAILABLE

Sport Diving issue 148 – Cover Shot & Solomon Islands Article

The new issue of Sport Diving magazine (Issue 148: October/November 2011) is now available throughout Australasia!  I am really pleased to have my third cover shot with the publication and an article about diving in the Solomon Islands entitled 'The Land that Time Forgot'.

Sport Diving issue 148 cover

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