Marine Biologist, Underwater Photographer & Dive Expedition Leader

Dr Richard Smith is a renowned Marine Biologist, Underwater Photographer and Scuba Tour Leader.  Join one of his unique group expeditions to get more from your diving. 


Richard has been organising and leading luxury dive expeditions for more than five years.  These trips take groups of divers to some of the world’s best diving locations. The aim is for divers to get more from their diving by learning about the marine environment.  Richard gives marine life talks during these charters on various aspects of marine biology, animal behaviour, ecology and underwater photography.


Bird’s Head Seascape – Natural History Notes (PT5)

BIRD’S HEAD NATURAL HISTORY NOTES Vol 5: RAJA RARITIES Originally written for Science & Conservation Blog The Bird’s Head Seascape is often touted as the epicentre of global marine biodiversity, and its reefs are truly something to behold. It is...

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